Buying iPads, Cellphones and Gadgets in Chiang Mai

Like any good modern city, Chiang Mai is a place where you can satiate your gadget lust and need for technology easily and quickly, and you will find fewer places where you can buy an entire desktop PC, custom-built, for less: cheap computers, cheap unlocked cellphones, peripherals and accessories like Bluetooth headsets, speakers, keyboards, HDMI or USB cables, and mice are readily available nearly everywhere-in fact 7-11's have started selling headsets and mini-speakers to go with your netbooks, Read more [...]

Flexible Solar Panels – Using Small Solar Panels to Power Toys and Gadgets

There are many different types of flexible solar panels that use different material as its substrate. What you eventually buy to power your toys and gadgets depend on what your requirements are. Thus it is crucial to know what you want from your flexible solar panels in terms of its voltage, current and power output. On top of this, certain applications require you to use a light flexible solar panel so the power-to-weight ratio will be high. A solar-powered aircraft is one of the applications Read more [...]

Technology and Design History (Timeline Infographics) Part 1

Have you ever wondered what attracted you in a new iPad, new smartphone, or any other modern gadget? Was it its fascinating technology or its simplicity of design? Design has become an essential communication tool and it's hard to imaging new technology without it. I wanted to look at the history timeline to define correlation between technology and design and their impact on each other. I used an art history timeline to compare evolution of both areas.1750-1850 The Industrial Revolution and Read more [...]